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About MySky SkyCart…

MySky SkyCart is a division of MySky Aircraft, Inc., which develops and produces light aircraft models like the MySky MS-1. The company is based in the Spruce Creek Fly-in community near Daytona Beach, Florida.

MySky MS-1

The MySky development team with the first MS-1 protoype in front of their office (March 2010):

MySky MS-1 Team

 Watch a MySky MS-1 fly-by:

Airline service carts (sometimes called meal, beverage or galley trolleys) were introduced to the airlines in the late sixties. With the introduction of “jumbo jets” and their larger number of passengers, it was no longer practical to hand deliver the meals, beverages and other items to passengers.
Every SkyCart is an authentic airline service cart which can be customized to precisely meet your particular needs on the ground. All MySky SkyCarts are built by one of the manufacturers who supply the world’s leading airlines with in-flight galley equipment. It is built to meet the same requirements as carts in service on commercial aircraft, ensuring quality and durability. Actually, it has been manufactured on one of the assembly lines that supply the airlines and their Boeings and Airbuses.
Height 41", Width 12", Length 16", Empty Weight 29.5 lbs (+ accessories)

The MySky SkyCart was designed and built to meet the challenging requirements in the airline industry. It has to be light, but also safe and very, very durable. One of the leading airline catering companies in the world, LSG SkyChefs, has published a video that shows the sometimes rough conditions which an airline cart faces every single day.

Challenger R6

 Watch a video about “A day in the life of an airline trolley” at LSG SkyChefs:


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