MySky SkyCart™- an Airline Galley Cart to Showcase the Unparalleled Style of WWII Nose Art
By Dieter Canje, 5-25-2017

Vintage Aircraft Nose Art is a unique form of original US American art developed during the tense days of air combat during World War II and was continued later during the Korean War.
This SkyCart™ was designed and built to be an airline galley cart. But we found that such an airline trolley can be amazingly useful on the ground and serve a many purposes in the house or an office.
And it lends itself to customization or – in this case – the display of art in way a no other item can. If you love Vintage Aircraft and are fascinated by Nose Art – then this is the SkyCart for you. The side panels of this SkyCart™ were reproduced from the one of the engine cowlings of the DC-3 in the background.

Vintage Nose Art

The panels look like vintage aircraft aluminum, weathered and with scratches all over – like it had just returned from a combat mission.
The artwork itself was recreated in the style of an Alberto Vargas pin-up poster. The title “Miss B. Haven” is one that was actually used on WWII aircraft.
Another design that is now available is “Ready For Duty”. This one is also a recreation of actual Vargas inspired nose art and was used during WWII.

Vintage Nose Art

If we got you interested in a unique American form of art, an art borne of fun and of fear”. please google “Nose Art”. Or try to get a copy of the book “Vintage Aircraft Nose Art” by Gary M. Valant with more than a thousand authentic photos.
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SkyCart™ - 4th of July Edition

By Dieter Canje, 5-21-2017

There is no better way to celebrate Independence Day than with an original airline trolley in patriotic livery.
The SkyCart™ - although designed and built as a galley cart for use on commercial airliners – is equally suitable for a party inside as for the traditional barbecue outside. It easily holds all the utensils, the food, the condiments, and whatever else you need in easy reach at your grill.
Now there is even a butcher block that can be inserted between the rails on the top. It fits perfectly with almost no play and comes in very handy for last minute seasoning and cutting before your holiday feast gets grilled.

SkyCart 4th of July Edition

This is an authentic airline service cart which combines the aviation theme with a unique patriotic display. It is brand new, sourced from an assembly line where airline equipment is manufactured. This one has never seen the inside of an airplane, it is clean and has no dents or other signs of wear and tear. Nevertheless, it is the real thing. Your guests will notice, and it will be the talk of the day.
MySky Aircraft has a few ready to ship. As a 4th of July Special they come with the additional butcher block at no extra cost. The special deal also includes a Poly Drawer and an Aluminum shelf. It is ready for the party.

SkyCart 4th of July Edition
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The First SkyCart™ For Monaco

By Dieter Canje, May 1, 2017

MySky Aircraft has shipped SkyCart™ Airline Service Carts to all Continents. To places as far as Australia, Hong Kong, Norway and most other European countries.
Now we have a new destination where SkyCart™ has a presence: The Principality of Monaco

SkyCart Monaco

We shipped one in Alpine White to a customer in Monaco. He found great PanAm stickers online and decorated it himself. Congratulations! This one looks real cool – especially with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.
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An Airline Trolley For JETKIDS

By Dieter Canje, April 25, 2017

JETKIDS of Oslo, Norway, has developed a fantastic product for parents who want (or need) to travel with young children on commercial airliners. If you travel with small children, or have relatives or friends who do, you need to check out their website:
It is about an aviation inspired, premium quality, ride-on suitcase, that is within carry-on dimensions. They topped the whole thing with a patented integrated bed/leg-rest feature. It’s named the BedBox and it became the perfect travel companion for children up to around 7 years.
The BedBox is marketed online and shipped almost everywhere in the world. But they also take it to trade shows. This is where the SkyCart™ Airline Galley Cart comes into play.


JETKIDS has a very modern, almost minimalistic booth design with a clear aviation theme and they use a SkyCart™ in Alpine White with their logo all around. It fits perfectly to their booth design.
And beyond supporting the flair of aviation and travel excitement, a MySky Airline Service Cart (SkyCart™) is more than useful as trade show equipment. It is easy to ship, robust and durable. It can be rolled around in the booth, depending on where it is needed. It can cold up to 200 pounds of booth equipment or supplies which can be locked away securely overnight, using a small padlock. It is a perfect stand for an iPad or a small laptop and – for those who still prefer paper and pencil – it’s top is at the perfect height for a stand-up desk.


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