SkyCart™ – 4th of July Edition
May 21, 2017
Your SkyCart™ as Your Mobile Espresso Center
June 3, 2018

MySky SkyCart™- an Airline Galley Cart to Showcase the Unparalleled Style of WWII Nose Art

Vintage Aircraft Nose Art is a unique form of original US American art developed during the tense days of air combat during World War II and was continued later during the Korean War.

This SkyCart™ was designed and built to be an airline galley cart. But we found that such an airline trolley can be amazingly useful on the ground and serve a many purposes in the house or an office.

And it lends itself to customization or – in this case – the display of art in way a no other item can. If you love Vintage Aircraft and are fascinated by Nose Art – then this is the SkyCart for you. The side panels of this SkyCart™ were reproduced from the one of the engine cowlings of the DC-3 in the background.


The panels look like vintage aircraft aluminum, weathered and with scratches all over – like it had just returned from a combat mission.

The artwork itself was recreated in the style of an Alberto Vargas pin-up poster. The title “Miss B. Haven” is one that was actually used on WWII aircraft.

Another design that is now available is “Ready For Duty”. This one is also a recreation of actual Vargas inspired nose art and was used during WWII.

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If we got you interested in a unique American form of art, an art borne of fun and of fear”. please google “Nose Art”. Or try to get a copy of the book “Vintage Aircraft Nose Art” by Gary M. Valant with more than a thousand authentic photos.

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