September 20, 2018

Not Quite Sure Which One is the Right SkyCart™ For You? Build a Paper Model to Help Decide!

There are so many options for the exterior design of the SkyCart™ that it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your interior decor. But wait – there is help on the way! You can print almost all of our designs on a letter size paper sheet on your home or office computer. Just go to our web page “SkyCart Models”, select which one you like and print it. Then cut it out, fold it and assemble it with glue or tape. It’s easy. If you are in doubt, just print another one. For best results […]
September 20, 2018

An Impressive Performance – With Airline Trolleys as Supporting Actors

By the time you notice your flight attendant push the airline trolley up the aisle he or she has done a lot of work already. Did you know that?Take a look at this impressing performance:  
September 9, 2018

Decorate Your Trolley, Your Plane, Your Car, Your Luggage or… With WWII Nose Art

Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal in Aviation Grade Quality Shop different sizes right here: BUY NOW   Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal in Aviation Grade Quality Shop different sizes right here: BUY NOW                                                 Decorate your airplane, your car, your travel bags, your fridge, your computer or many other things with WWII style nose art! The Unparalleled Style of WWII Aircraft Nose Art is a unique form of original American art developed during the tense days of air combat during World […]
August 29, 2018

The connectJet Story

In 2015 four wealthy businessmen from Singapore and Taipei got together and hatched the plan to create a new airline. Their idea was to connect some of the most important aviation hubs in the Far East with a fleet a Jumbo Jets. They would all be configured in just one class – international business class. In the following months they defined more details and had a staff of aviation experts create the operating and marketing plans. At the time, the purchase prices for used four engine Boeing 747s on the market for used airliners had come down considerably. The established […]
August 20, 2018

A Touch of American Metropolises in Your Home

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia are some of the major US cities which we associate with the lifestyle of urban America. This SkyCart™ is designed to bring the scent of America’s most difining metropolitain areas to your home or office. It makes a statement about how you feel connected to the  country. All four side panels and the interior of the door are decorated with an artist’s expression of  interlocking  names of major US cities, symbolizing that they are all different – but belong together and form one unified part of the […]
August 5, 2018

49 Different Ways to Use a SkyCart™ – and Counting….

The SkyCart™ is a factory new, authentic airline trolley as it is used for food and beverage service aboard the world’s best reputed full-service airlines. It is produced by a manufacturer which supplies the airlines with galley trolleys certified by the aviation authorities. It meets all the specifications for airline galley carts in service on commercial aircraft – ensuring authentic aviation quality, style and unparalleled durability. In an airliner you will see them used to supply food and drinks to the passengers. That is what they are designed for. They are extremely robust, but also very light (every ounce counts […]
July 10, 2018

Your SkyCart™ Customized With Your Favorite Airport Code

You know that an airline trolley would make a great compact home bar… …but how about a brand new SkyCart™ in authentic aviation quality and durability – customized with your favorite airport’s three letter identification code? Like this one here: Or would you rather prefer to display your favorite airline’s two digit IATA code on your SkyCart™? We can do that too: They come in four different colors to choose from: blue, red, green or yellow: Personalize yours with either a 2 digit airport code or a 3 digit airline code. And best of all, this is a new item […]
July 8, 2018

A SkyCart™ for the MySky MS-1 Aircraft Project

Here at MySky our main business is the development of light aircraft. It should not come as much of a surprise that we designed a customized SkyCart™ for ourselves. It will be used in our office, when it is not in use at a trade shows or other events where we present the MySky MS-1 aircraft project. It is an excellent example of how a SkyCart™ can be customized to not only show corporate logos or products. Way beyond that, a full customized trolley can tell a complete story. In this case it communicates what the MySky MS-1 project is […]
July 8, 2018

SkyCart™ in the Center of Corporate Events

A while ago a customer (an event organizer) rented a couple SkyCarts from to use during airline themed special event. We customized them with a simple logo banner. The customer hired hostesses in flight attendant uniforms and had them distribute promotional items during the event.  The airline service carts added significantly to the authentic touch of the event.   The SkyCarts below did not really go to a corporate event. But similar. They were used in the VIP lounge at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during Super Bowl LII. They were slightly modified to hold a flag pole and […]
July 8, 2018

A SkyCart™ As a Retirement Gift For an Airline Pilot or Flight Attendant

  A SkyCart™ makes an excellent gift for professionals in the airline industry. That’s obvious. But very often spouses or friends come up with great ideas to customize an airline trolley in such a way that it reflects the career or important milestones in the professional life of a person. This galley cart is an example where a airline pilot bought one for himself. He started, decades ago, at Western Airlines – an airline that operated from 1926 until 1987 when it merged with Delta Airlines.  He managed to find some original Western Airline stickers and decorated his SkyCart™ to […]